X50100 Pentagon Cobra Pro Black Tactical Belt

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The COBRA® PRO STYLE is the strongest and world leading safety buckle made of aluminium.
Thanks to its patented locking mechanism and high breaking strength it meets the highest safety requirements.
In combination with a fitting webbing, the minimum guaranteed load capacity is 9 kN tensile strength and 18 kN in loop configuration.


  • 100% Nylon High Tensile Scuba Webbing
  • 38mm width
  • COBRA® PRO style Aluminium buckle
  • Minimum guaranteed load capacity of buckle is 9 kN tensile strength & 18 kN in loop configuration
  • The cut-out on the backside of the COBRA® PRO STYLE prevents dirt, dust, ice or snow from getting caught in the buckle,
    which increases the extreme performance capabilities and lifetime even more.
  • Release under tension or One-sided release is impossible
  • Coats® Nylon thread stitching
  • Diamond safety Stitching
  • Buckle Standards: EN358:2018-11 (partial), EN ISO 9227
  • Made in Austria Buckle
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