Fire Grounds Coffee Co, Old Tige, 5 Full City Roast 453 GR

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We are proud to announce our latest variety of coffee in partnering with the Dallas Firefighter Museum. Old Tige was the oldest fire station in the city. It is now home to the Dallas Firefighter Museum. With each purchase of Old Tige 5 from Fire Grounds Coffee Company the Dallas Firefighters Museum gains momentum with their capital campaign and operations for a renovated and updated museum to teach fire prevention, all-hazards life safety, and historical history of firefighting in Dallas. 

The flavor is Full City Roast, a delicious balance of dark roast and medium roast flavors. Chocolate, toast, caramel, and almonds are all featured in this blend. As always, we feature 100% premium Colombian Excelso beans for a superior cup of coffee every time. 

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