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BALTES® firemen's boots are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 15090:2012 HI3 CI F2A.
Classification I: shoes made of leather or other materials
Type 2: heavy basic protection design, suitable for inner firefighting and other
fires of all kinds
A: with an additional antistatic requirement
HI3: passed sand-bath test at 250° Celsius and a testing time of 40 minutes
CI: insulation against the cold
Waterproof leather
For its shoes and boots, BALTES® only uses water-repellent, high-quality, smooth waterproof leather that
is particularly breathable and which distinguishes itself through a high water vapour permeability.
Cool technology leather
Selected BALTES® boots are made of high-quality hydrophobic, waterproof leathers, additionally
equipped with Cool Technology. Black BALTES® boots with Cool Technology do not absorb as many
rays thanks to the special leather pigmentation. The result is a lower surface temperature when the upper
leather is exposed to the sun. The boots stay at a pleasant temperature, even when the sun shines
Nomex® upper seams
The BALTES® firemen’s boots are manufactured with flame-retardant, water-repellent and particularly
hard-wearing Nomex® upper seams.
Safety reflectors
The safety reflectors on the outside are flame retardant in accordance with DIN EN 471, DIN EN 533 and
DIN EN 469, and they provide safety in the darkness.

Sympatex High2Out
SYMPATEX® High2Out is 100% water tight but also gives climatic comfort. With the SYMPATEX®
High2Out membrane system, the drops of sweat do not roll of the lining, as has been the case so far, but
are absorbed and spread extensively in the lining. The same amount of liquid can evaporate more quickly
to the outside from a large area than from a small one.
When doing heavy duty, SYMPATEX® High2Out transports the sweat away quickly from the foot,
keeping it dry. This clearly reduces the risk of dermatological injuries, like blisters, etc.
Pull-on loops
Pull-on loops at the side or back with special reinforcement allow you to put on your boots quickly in an emergency
start. The reinforcement makes them extremely resistant to breaking.
guarantees a breaking load (maximum tensile load) of ≥ 1000 N.
This specially designed movement part prevents walking creases and pressure marks in the heel and
Achilles tendon areas.

Nomex® bootlaces
All firemen’s laced boots are provided with tear and flame resistant and water-repellent Nomex® laces.
The combination of lace and zip gives the boot a perfect fit on the foot. This
exact fit guarantees special protection against ankle injuries. The boot is laced
once and then all one needs is the zip to put on the boot – ideal for an
emergency start. The leather tongue on the slider additionally improves their
handling with a generous grip.
BALTES® has over 40 years’ experience in the production of boots with this
established lace/zip system, the BALTES® DOUBLE SAFETY UNIT.
In the firefighting section, the zip tongue is additionally provided with the
integrated ZIP-PROTECTION system. This protects the zip from flame
exposure, soiling and mechanical risks.
Metal SAFETY CLIPS serve to fix the zip and prevent the slider from being
ripped out.
The specially developed BALTES® FIXATION system gives the zip tongue on
the boot a perfect hold and lets the zip run smoothly.
LACING system with clamp
The diagonal course of the Nomex® bootlace optimizes the distribution of pressure and adapts perfectly
to movement. The clamp fixes the bootlace in the instep area, providing the best possible hold.

Nitrile rubber sole for firemen's boots
The antistatic, non-chalking and very hard-wearing nitrile rubber steel sole is equipped with a selfcleaning tread that has course cleats and is 6 mm high. The outsole is resistant to oil and petrol and it has
an excellent insulation against cold and heat thanks to an additional natural rubber bottom filling.
The straight front of the heel, the large tread area in the ball zone and the additional tread in the joint give
a perfect hold on ladders.
Air chamber damping
Good damping properties through special integrated air chambers in the sole-heel zone plus the light
weight relax the step.
The air chamber system absorbs the shocks caused when the heel impacts on hard surfaces. It makes
the step nice and soft and relieves the joints, spine and discs.

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